Security & Heavy Equipment

Since its establishment, Athman United Company has been supplying a variety of security devices to the ministries of Defense and Interior, as well as specialized institutions, some of which prefer confidentiality, while others are well known brands.

Commercial & Investment Initiatives

Since 2003 to 2013, Athman United has operated in the construction and building sector. During this period, we handled projects for the governmental and the private sectors, as well as individual projects (residential).

Athman United enjoys a record of initiatives in the fields of business, financing, trade and investment, where we study ideas before taking them to experienced professionals and cooperating with them to bring these business ideas to life.


Athman United’s commercial license includes importing, general trading, constructions & contracting, in addition to medical distribution, under which we sell medicines, medical equipment & cosmetics.

Athman United is a distributor of renowned international brands, offering its services for the governmental and private sectors, hospitals & pharmacies since 2015.